Areas of Expertise

Driving Offences


Driving offenses, although seemingly banal and common, are anything but.  Conviction for a driving offence will result in a Criminal record and can result in consequences that range from suspension of your license to time in jail.  This section will explain three main types of driving offenses and their potential consequences:

  • Drinking and Driving

  • Refusal to provide breath samples;

  • Accumulation of Demerit Points





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Fraud and White Collar Crimes

A conviction for Fraud carries with it very serious consequences, both monetary as well as potential incarceration.  Penalties in a fraud conviction can range from a monetary penalty to many years in jail. This section will explain the different types of fraud, their potential consequences as well as particular aspects related to white collar crimes.




Assault is a serious crime, a conviction can carry a penalty of up to fourteen years in jail. 

This section will explain the four main types of assault offences as well as their potential consequences:

  • Simple assault

  • Assault with a weapon & assault causing bodily harm

  • Aggravated assault

  • The special case of spousal/domestic assault

Immigration Offences

Immigration offences fall under the auspice of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.  Anyone, including Canadian citizens, can be accused of an offence. Steven Slimovitch is extremely knowledgeable regarding the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.  He has defended numerous people accused of offences with very positive results.  In addition he has given numerous opinions to immigration lawyers as to which foreign crimes render an individual inadmissible.

Drug Offences

Under Canadian Law, the mere possession of certain substances is illegal.  The Controlled Drug and Substance Act is the Canadian Law governing narcotics.  This section will explain the different drug offences that exist under Canadian Law and their potential penalties.

Juvenile Offences


When a minor is accused of a criminal offence, the criminal process to follow is very different from that of an adult despite the fact that the offences are the same.  There is a misconception that when a young person is arrested and convicted of a crime, that the conviction will not go on his or her record. Youth court is a real court with serious penalties that could have a significant impact on the future prospects of employment and secondary education for a young person.




Sexual Offences Involving Minors

​​Sexual offences involving minors are on the increase.  Because of the proliferation of the internet, new crimes now exist.  Conviction for a sexual offence involving minors carries a particularly flagrant societal stigma and condemnation. This section will review the various sexual offences involving minors such as:

  • Child pornography

  • Sexual touching

  • Sexual exploitation

  • Luring

  • Sexting

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